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Preseason Training Part 2

Posted Saturday, July 20, 2013 by Kathleen Anderson
It is important to continue to be consistent with your training. If you miss a day, don't get discouraged and then miss additional days. Get started or jump start by getting a 30 minute jog in.
On easy days make sure to run easy (conversation pace). 
Make sure that you do some of your runs on trails. It helps you adapt to running on uneven surfaces. That translates into better strength for XC. To those of you coming to New Paltz for the running camp, see you tomorrow!!
7/22 Monday 
Easy run:
Freshman(F) 25 minutes
JV 30 minutes
Varsity(V) 35 minutes
Tuesday 7/23
 5 minute warm up(jog)  
4* 3minutes at race pace. Jog 3 minutes after each interval. 
5 minutes warm down( jog)
5 minute warm up(jog)
4* 4 minutes at race pace
3 minutes jog rest after each interval.
5 minute warm down
10 min warm up
4* 5minutes at race pace
3 minutes jog rest between interval
10 minute warm down
7/24 Wednesday 
F. 20 min easy
JV  25 min easy
V.  35 min easy
7/25 Thursday 
Easy run STRIDES
F   35 min run. 
10 strides after run
JV   40 min run 
10 strides after run
V.  45 min run
10 strides after 
7/26 Friday 
F. 25 min run
JV. 30 min run
V. 35 min run
7/27 Saturday 
7/28 Sunday
F. 40 minute run
JV  45 minute run
V. 55 minutes or longer 
7/29 Monday 
F. 25 minute run
JV. 30 min run
V 35 min run
7/30 Tuesday
INTERVALS (ladder workout)
F. 5 minute warm up.
Run 3 minutes at race pace, then jog 2 minutes, then 2 minutes at race pace, then jog 2 minutes, then run very hard for 1 minute.  Jog for 3 minutes then repeat the same sequence. After the second set jog 5 minutes warm down. Then you're done.
JV warm up 5 minutes
Run 4:00 at race pace, jog 3:00, run 2:00 at race pace, jog 2:00, then run 1:00 fast pace, then jog 4:00, then repeat the sequence once.
After the second set jog 5 minute warm down.
You are doing two sets of a ladder workout.
V. 10 minute warm up
5:00 at race pace, jog 3:00, 3:00 at race pace, jog 3:00,
2:00 at race pace, jog 3:00,
1:00 fast, jog 3:00, repeat the sequence, start at 5:00 and work down. Two sets of ladders.
 Finish with 5 min warm down.
7/31 Wednesday 
F. 20 min run
JV. 25 min run
V. 30 min run
8/1 Thursday 
HILLS ( find a hill that takes 1:00 to run up) you can chose the grade. No more that 15% grade of steepness.
F.  5 warm up 
Run up the hill for 1:00, then jog down. Repeat 6 times. 5 min warm down
JV  5 min warm up
8 *1:00 hills, run up, jog down. 5 min warm down
V. 10 warm up
10* 1:00 hills, run up, jog down. 
10 min warm down
8/2 Friday 
F.  20 min easy run
JV. 25 min easy run
V   40 min easy run
8/3 Saturday 
8/4 Sunday 
F. 45 min run
JV 50 min run
V 60 min run
Good luck with our training.
Beat the heat, get it done early.

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