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Training Schedule 1st 2 weeks

Posted Wednesday, July 03, 2013 by Kathleen Anderson

Monday is our kick off date to all get out there and RUN! Please don't wait for tomorrow, or the next day! Know that your body will need time to get in shape and the first weeks will be hard,but do your best to push through!

This is going to be one of our best seasons ever and we want you to be ready to get to your personal best. The training you do over the next 8 weeks will determine how you compete.

So again, what you need to do is RUN...6 times a week.

The training schedule is designed for three different levels. Freshman, JV and Varsity. You can chose to train at whatever level you feel ready too. For freshman who have never ran more than 3 miles, we recommend using the schedule for Freshman.

There are three types of intense workouts we will use.

Tempo Runs: (longer steady run at 85% of your max for the time of the run.)

Intervals:  (fast pace for short period of time, with an equal amount of rest)

Long Run:  (long steady run. Not fast. Longest run of each week)  

F (freshman)

JV (Junior Varsity 

V (Varsity)

Here's the first 2 weeks:


Week 1

7/8 Monday 


  • F  25 minutes easy run
  • JV 30 minutes easy run
  • V  40 minutes easy run 


7/9 Tuesday (Intervals)


  • F 5 minute warm up-easy jog  then Repeat 6 times 75 seconds at mile race pace, rest, walk/jog for 75 seconds. So..75 hard, then 75 second easy, repeat 6 times.  Then do a 5 minute warm down-easy jog
  • JV- repeat the freshman workout 8 times. (8*75 seconds on/off) with Warm up (w/u) and Warm Down (w/d) 
  • V- repeat the freshman workout 10 times. Also do a 10 minute w/u and w/d, So.. It's (10*75 second on and 75 second easy).


7/10 Wednesday


  • F. 20 min easy run
  • JV  25 min easy run
  • V. 30 min easy run


7/11 Thursday 


  • F. 25 min ER(easy run)
  • JV 30 min ER
  • V. 40 min ER
  • After your run do 6-8 running strides. ( run strides at race pace).


7/12 Friday 


  • F. 25 min ER
  • JV 30 min ER
  • V. 45 min ER 


7/13 Saturday 

Off! No running! 


7/14 Sunday (long run)


  • F. 35-40 min Easy pace
  • JV 45 min easy pace
  • V. 50-60 min easy pace


7/15 Monday 


  • F 25 min ER
  • JV 30 min ER 
  • V. 40 min ER 


7/16 Tuesday ( tempo run)


  • F  5 min w/u; 10 min tempo run (80-85% of your max speed for 10 minutes); 5 min w/d
  • JV   5 min w/u; 15 min tempo run; 5 min w/d
  • V. 10 min w/u 20min tempo; 10 min w/d   (run the tempo at same pace for the full 20 minutes, don't go too fast in the beginning, then slow down!) learn how to pace!


7/17 Wednesday 


  • F. 20 minutes ER(easy run)
  • JV 25 minutes ER
  • V. 30 min ER


7/18 Thursday (strides)


  • F. 25 min ER 
  • JV 30 min ER 
  • V 40 min ER 
  • After your run, do 6-8 100m strides. Open up your stride and run fast.


7/19 Friday 


  • F 25 min ER
  • JV 30 min ER 
  • V 40 min ER 


7/20 Saturday 

Off no running!


7/21 Sunday (long run)


  • F. 40 min run
  • JV 45 min run
  • V. 55-60 min run


Let's get together for some of these runs! Captains, we need your help here!!! Pick a day and location to lead a run! 

If you know any runners that are interested, forward them this schedule and tell them to contact Coach Anderson. 

Print it out for yourself it will be easier to follow.


This is a simple schedule!  If you follow it, you will get fit!

Contact us if you have questions! 



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