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2013 summer training last week.

Posted Thursday, August 09, 2012 by Tom Nohilly



one week until practice starts.  Make sure all of your paperwork is in.(mecical forms,etc.).


Here’s the next week of training.


If this training seems to intense for you, just run 30-40 a day, whatever it is , just run.



F 25 min run

Jv  30 min run

V  40 min run



Hill Repeats

F  5 min warm up

6* 45 second hill sprint

2:00 jog between

5min warm down


JV  5 min warm up

8* 45 second hill sprint

2:00  jog recovery

5min warm down


V 10 min warm up

10* 45 second hill sprint

2:00 min recovery between

10 min warm down



F  30:00 easy run

JV  35:00 easy run

V   40:00 easy run



F,  JV, V  all run  10:00 warm up

20:00 tempo run

5 min warm down



F  30:00 run

JV  35:00 Run

V  40:00 Run


Off from Running



Long Run


F.    40:00   run

JV    50:00 run

V      60:00 run



Coach Nohilly



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