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2013 summer training phase 3

Posted Tuesday, July 31, 2012 by Tom Nohilly

We are getting closer to the beginning of XC season.  If you have been running, GOOD JOB!  If you have not started running, start today.  This year we will begin training for varsity on day 1, (8/19). If you want to be ready, get it going.

Here is another week of training. For those of you that have not started plug yourself into the day of the week that you start and
continue from there.

8/5  Monday 
Freshman(F) 25 min run
JV 30 minute run 
Varsity(V)  35 minute run
8/6  Tuesday 
F. Jog 5 minute warm up, then run  (6 * 60seconds) at 1 mile race pace, with 2 minute jog rest in between each 60 second interval.
Jog 5 min warm down.
JV   Jog 5 minute warm 
(8* 60 seconds) at 1mile race pace, jog 2 minutes between each interval.
5 minute jog warm down.

V.  10 minute warm up
(10* 60 seconds) run at 
1 mile race pace, jog 2 minutes in between each.
10 minute warm down.
F. 25 min. Easy run
JV. 30 min easy run 
V. 40 min easy run
 8/7  Thursday
Freshman: warm up 5 min.
Run 2* 10 min at tempo pace with 5 min jog in between. Jog 5 min warm down.
JV.  5 min warm up
2* 10min. at tempo pace
5 min warm down
V. 10min warm up
2* 15 min at tempo pace
5 min warm down
F. 25 min easy run
JV 30 min easy run
V. 40 min easy run 
Off from running
Freshman 45 min run
JV 50 min run
V. 60 minute run
Have great week. More to follow up next.  
Coach Nohilly

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